The Big Lerf Podcast Episode 8 – The Big Lerf Weekender 2022

Here’s our breakdown of another brilliant Big Lerf Weekender! Available on all your usual podcast platforms. Once again we have a say a huge thank you to our UK & International sponsors Majorcraft, Keitech and IMA and for our Iridsh entrants, Southside Angling.

How And When To Use Fish Grips

Recently, top notch angler and good friend of mine, Andy Mytton , posted on his blog about the recent rise of ‘fish grips’ in UK LRF. In response I shared my thoughts on Facebook but these things disappear quickly, so I thought it better to share here instead. For reference you can find Andy’s blog…

The Big Lerf Weekender 2022 Rules

The worldwide LRF species hunt is back for 2022. After the huge success of last year we are back again to see if we can do even better! Starting at 11am on Friday 9th September, wherever you are, all you need to do is go lure fishing, upload your catches to Facebook or Instagram with…

The Big Lerf Winter League 21/22 In Numbers

We made it! Our inaugural Winter League has come to an end. To try and sum it up, I wanted to delve into the results, to see what were the most common and the what were the rarest fish caught. It’s also a chance to celebrate how seriously talented the anglers who got involved are….


I really enjoyed writing this one, an article all about mine and Olly’s road trip to Hartlepool and the amazing species we caught. As usual you can find the link below… FIND THE LINK BY CLICKING HERE


Another month and another brilliant issue of Hookpoint Magazine. It continues to be a real pleasure to write for them and this article may be my favourite yet. We Lerfers love topknot and the article linked below has three of them in it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing…

Goby Slaying – My Guide

Goby slayer nounNot to be confused with insanity (or anyone with murderous intentions), someone who enjoys targeting gobies. Fashionable fish they are not, the majority of them are tiny and go unnoticed… Gobies aren’t top of most angler’s wish-lists; to the species hunter though, they are a goldmine. If, like me, you enjoy geeking out…