The Big Lerf Podcast – Episode 11 – Hartlepool LRF

We travelled the length of the country to fish with Olly Vickery, Kev Benton and Lucas Theocharides, aiming to catch some cold water species. The trip was a success and we go over it in our podcast, recorded in a Travelodge, which was a new one for us! Find it via the links below.

My best fish of the weekend, a lovely flounder.

Episode 14 – Will Pender Interview The Big Lerf Podcast

2022's Lure Angler Of The Year joins Ben for a long chat about LRF, bass and wrasse fishing, and combining family life with destroying our competitions, tallying up phenomenal numbers of species. 
  1. Episode 14 – Will Pender Interview
  2. Episode 13 – Scented vs Unscented Lures And The Perils Of Spring
  3. Episode 12 – Interview With Britain's Oldest Lerfer, Maurice Mitchinton
  4. Episode 11 – Hartlepool LRF
  5. Episode 10 – LRF Q&A with Ben, Rich and Joe
It was really cold!
What I was really after, a dab!

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