Hookpoint – The Cornish Lure Festival 2021 – LRF

Writing for Hookpoint Magazine continues to be a monthly treat for me, especially with fantastic writers and such incredible covers … Literally this month’s is jaw dropping! As ever, my stories are a little smaller in scale but at least this features one of my best ever flounder. Find the link to the article below….

Hookpoint – The Rise Of The Micro Metals

This month’s Hookpoint article is all about the species hunting possibilities with micro metals. I have to say thank you to the team at Hookpoint to continue sharing my LRF articles, along with other quality content from superb anglers. Link is below the image. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE See below for similar posts.

Hookpoint – LRF Gurnards (and an alien encounter)

Another month, another superb issue of Hookpoint! This month I had to share an early August gurnard bash, with a surprise catch thrown in. Please check it out via the link below… Find the article by clicking here. Find more of my articles for Hookpoint by clicking below.

The Big Lerfin’ Fundraiser 2021 – Weymouth

On Saturday 3rd July 2021, what was probably the biggest ever LRF (Light Rock Fishing) event in the UK took place. Nearly 60 anglers took part, all with the intention of targeting the variety of species, large and small, that inhabit the coastline of Dorset. To read the rest of my summary of the day,…

The Big Lerfin’ Fundraiser 2021

I think it’s fair to say The Big Lerf 2020 was a big success. For a small idea formed by mates it morphed into something rather special. In the spirit of that weekend I’m asking you to join me in a one day LRF competition. For more information, find my article for Hookpoint Magazine here……