The Big Lerf Podcast Episode 10 – LRF Q&A With Ben, Rich & Joe

We made it to our tenth episode! To celebrate, I used the many questions that have been sent in to me for my monthly Sea Angler article. We also covered the incredible start to the Winter League. If you would like to ask us a question to be featured in the next episode, email it to Find this episode via the links below.

Grey gurnard are making a regular appearance during the Winter League.

Episode 14 – Will Pender Interview The Big Lerf Podcast

2022's Lure Angler Of The Year joins Ben for a long chat about LRF, bass and wrasse fishing, and combining family life with destroying our competitions, tallying up phenomenal numbers of species. 
  1. Episode 14 – Will Pender Interview
  2. Episode 13 – Scented vs Unscented Lures And The Perils Of Spring
  3. Episode 12 – Interview With Britain's Oldest Lerfer, Maurice Mitchinton
  4. Episode 11 – Hartlepool LRF
  5. Episode 10 – LRF Q&A with Ben, Rich and Joe
Joe landed this chunky mackerel just before we recorded the pod.
Winter lerfing can be quite beautiful

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