The Big Lerf Podcast – The Big Lerf Weekender 2021

Thank you again everyone who got involved on the Big Lerf Weekender 2021. We have now recorded our podcast, going through the event. As always you can pick and choose what platform you prefer to listen on. You can also find the list of species and a few photo highlights below. Enjoy!

Episode 4 – Andy Mytton & Dominic Garnett talk LRF & Hooked On Lure Fishing! The Big Lerf Podcast

Ben & Rich are joined by the authors of Hooked On Lure Fishing for a brilliant chat about the two anglers, their LRF journey and putting together the book. 
  1. Episode 4 – Andy Mytton & Dominic Garnett talk LRF & Hooked On Lure Fishing!
  2. Episode 3 – The Cornish Lure Festival 2021
  3. Episode 2 – The Big Lerf Weekender 2021
  4. Episode 1 – The Big Lerf Weekender Preview

To recap, Lerfers in at least 9 countries, fishing from 11am Friday 10th – 6pm Sunday 12th September 2021 managed to catch 157 species of fish on artificial baits and lures! Absolutely phenomenal work from you all. I have listed the species below. There were 6 duplicate species caught in both the UK & Ireland and Europe, so that is why the totals don’t add up to 157.

Also huge thank you to our sponsors: Major Craft UK, Keitech UK, IMA Lures UK & Chesil Bait ‘n’ Tackle, without their support, we wouldn’t have had all the fantastic prizes on offer.

One of @stickyricegoesfishing’s fantastic INstagram posts, this one featuring a quillback rockfish from the West Coast of America.
Me & Rich crossing a stream in beautiful West Cornwall.
My tiny turbot, caught by micro fishing the shallows.
A beautiful flounder caught by Will Pender on a Majorcraft Nano Aji metal,
”It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under”
A pair of sunfish caught by Bob Emory and his son in the USA.
Richard’s cuckoo wrasse, our highlight of the weekend.
The connemara clingfish caught by Craig Murphy in Ireland.
JOosh Fletcher’s black bream on a vibe! Caught in Cornwall.
Finally Rich got his scad…
One of favourite internatonalo catches – the atlantic stargazer. Caught by Alex Dounis in Greece.

UK & Ireland Saltwater Total
Giant goby
Common goby
Corkwing wrasse
Black goby
Common blenny
Thick lipped mullet
Golden grey mullet
Common dragonet
Lesser Sandeel
Long spined sea scorpion
Atlantic horse mackerel (scad)
Sand goby
Painted goby
Lesser weever
Atlantic mackerel
Ballan wrasse
Goldsinny wrasse
Poor cod
Tompot blenny
Leopard spot goby
Tub gurnard
Gilthead bream
Sand smelt
Rock goby
Cuckoo wrasse
Connemara clingfish
Couches bream
Three spined stickleback
Grey gurnard
Baillons wrasse
Montagu’s blenny
Black bream
Twaite shad

Kev Benton’s superb metal caught gudgeon.

UK & Ireland Freshwater Total
Stone loach
Brown trout
Rainbow trout

| trip to Cornwall wouldn’t be complete without a scorpion.

International Lure Caught Total
White seabream
Atlantic stargazer
Black goby
Painted comber
Greater weever
Atlantic lizardfish
Rainbow wrasse
Mediterranean parrotfish
Greater amberjack
Ornate wrasse
Annular seabream
Corkwing wrasse
Rock goby
Senagal seabream
Staghorn sculpin
Quillback rockfish
Brown rockfish
Rock sole
Pacific sand dab
Roughback sculpin
Green sunfish
Occelated wrasse
Tompot blenny
Round goby
Redfin Pickerel
Warmouth sunfish
Flier sunfish
White spotted greenling
Great sculpin
Starry flounder
Atlantic sea bass
Largemouth bass
Redbreast sunfish
Rusty blenny
Pumpkinseed sunfish
White bullhead catfish
Black crappie
Chub mackerel
Common pandora
Reticulated leatherjacket
Black scorpion fish
Mediterranean chromis
Blue runner
Marbled spinefoot
Five spotted wrasse
Shiner perch
Speckled sand dab
Corraline sculpin
Blue rockfish
Wooly sculpin
Striped kelpfish
Monkeyface prickleback
Grass rockfish
Pearly razorfish
Brown comber
Common two banded sea bream
Axillary wrasse
Three spot wrasse
Incognito goby
Red hind
Blue striped cavalla
Yellowtail snapper
Variegated lizardfish
Slippery dick
Smallmouth grunt
Hairy blenny
Mangrove red snapper
Mahogony snapper
Green puffer
Spotted scorpion fish
Bluehead wrasse
Jack crevalle
White perch
Slender goby
Buffalo sculpin
Rockpool blenny
Ringneck blenny
Bald sculpin
Striped kelpfish
Smoothhead sculpin
Bonehead sculpin
Grass rockfish
White croaker
Walleye surfperch
Pacific anchovy
Onespot fringehead
White surfperch
Spotted kelpfish

My tompot blenny caught on a metal, my personal best catch over the weekend.

Winner of Most Species On Hard Lures 
Will Pender with 20 species!

An Isome tempted stone loach, winner of ‘Coolest Catch UK’!

Coolest Fish Nominees UK & Ireland

Stone Loach – Max Goodwin
Connemara Clingfish – Craig Murphy 
Dace – Stephen Rowland 
Black bream on a metal – Josh Fletcher
Couches bream – Maurice Mitchinton
Twaite shad – Lewis Brann
Flounder on a metal – Will Pender
Gudgeon on a metal – Kev Benton
Minnow on a metal – Rory Bennett
Bullhead – Ben Coleman 

The monkeyface pricklback, what a name! Caught by @talesofafisherwoman on Instagram.

Nominees of Coolest International Fish
Monkeyface Prickleback – Talesofafisherwoman (USA)
Atlantic stargazer – Alex Dounis – therockpoolangler (Greece)
Staghorn sculpin – stickyricegoesfishing (USA)
Striped kelpfish – prickly_sculpin (USA)
White seabream – Edgar Pereira (Portugal)
Pumpkinseed Sunfish – Bob Emory – thejoyoffishingwithbobemory (USA)
White bullhead catfish – heavenly_buns69 (USA)
Red hind – the_reel_ease (Caribbean)
Occelated wrasse – Veselin Borisov (Bulgaria)
Whitespotted greenling – bizarreangler (USA) 

Tom Baron’s rainbow trout

Junior results – Top 3 in reverse order –

Jasmine Bennett  – 6 species – common blenny, pollock, black goby, minnow, brown trout, pouting.

Rory Bennett – 8 species – brown trout, minnow, black goby, pouting, corkwing wrasse, pollock, common blenny, rock goby, 
Tom Baron – 10 species – pollock, shanny, giant goby, herring, salmon, brown trout, rainbow trout, blue trout, rudd, minnow

Another Jurassic themed post from Sticky Rice!

Kev Benton wrote up his exploits for good friends of the blog, The Essex Anglers – check it out here,

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