Hookpoint – LRF Gurnards (and an alien encounter)

Another month, another superb issue of Hookpoint! This month I had to share an early August gurnard bash, with a surprise catch thrown in. Please check it out via the link below…

Find the article by clicking here.

Find more of my articles for Hookpoint by clicking below.

For more recent articles find them here…

The Big Lerf Winter League 21/22

1st December 2021 – 1st April 2022 Winter is a surprisingly excellent time for LRF. Scaling down lures and slowing our techniques can still make for excellent sport, even in the cold. With that in mind we have come up with The Big Lerf Winter League! This is a free entry competition running from 12am…

LRF Basics – The Cheb Rig

Jigheads are great, but there is an alternative – and it comes with endless flexibility… It’s called the Cheb, short for Cheburashka. As the name implies, this is a rigging technique hailing from Russia, and like Vodka and ear warming fur hats, it’s a great export. So welcome to my LRF Basics guide to the…

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