YouTube – How To Catch Flounder The Exciting Way

Sean McSeveney of has been a long time collaborator with me. It started off with some early articles for his website, which was a great boost for my fledgling blog back in 2016. I have recently been repaying the favour by helping with some YouTube videos. This is a brand new move for me, so hopefully it comes across OK. I certainly am impressed by Sean’s filming and camera tech he has! So please check the link under the photo.

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The Big Lerf Fundraiser 2022 – BUY TICKETS

The Big Lerf Fundraiser 2022 will take place in Plymouth, Devon on Saturday 16th July at 9am. This event will build on the incredible turnout for the 2021 event in Weymouth and hopefully raise lots of money for our two chosen charities. As before this will be a lure only event, with a variety of…

LRF Basics – Why Use Ester Line?

Thanks to our friends in Japan, Light Rock Fishing is always moving, always evolving. Their obsession with perfection eventually finds it’s way to our shores, for UK Lerfers to work out uses for our species. The Japanese ‘Ajing’ obsession is what has delivered Polyester (Ester) line to us and to my door. Having used it…

YouTube – The Big Lerf Weekender 2021

Here’s something I have been looking forward to watching ever since September. Rich has finally put it all together and this gives you a little flavour of our Big Lerf Weekender this year. Enjoy! Find more of recent posts below!

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